Speaker Green Room

This page is for the speaker’s participating in the upcoming AGS Virtual Employment Law Forum. On this page you will find all of the information you need for participating in the Live session on the 21st of October.

Instructions for connecting to our production studio remotely:

For all speakers in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, we are using a Teams call to allow you to connect with our production studio directly from your laptop.

This call will allow you to see and talk with your fellow panel members as well as the Sydney and Canberra studios. Please be aware that as we are combining the Teams call and the Sydney/Canberra offices through our production system, there may be some latency (i.e. minor delay – no more than about 1 second) when talking.

Framing and positioning

Once you’ve decided on where you’re going to setup, position your computer so that your webcam sits as close to eye level as you can get it. You might need to use some books or something similar to raise your laptop or computer to this height.

You should frame yourself centred and so that your eyes sit about 1/3rd of the way down from the top of the frame, ensuring there is a small gap between the top of your head and the top of the frame.

Accessing the Teams Call

You will be emailed an invite to the Teams call from Tiffanie Brown at AGS. Please connect to this call at the time requested by Tiffanie (generally this will be around 15-20 minutes prior to your session, to ensure we have time to check your camera framing and audio settings.

In the Teams call, our team will handle muting and unmuting where required. When you connect to the Teams call, ensure you have connected with the correct Webcam and Microphone device and please ensure when you mute yourself when you connect. Our team will unmute you when it is time for your session. At all times while connected to the call you should assume you are being broadcast and act accordingly.

We will send your individual video feed out to our own production systems in order to combine you with the other members of your panel and your titles/names for the end viewer to see.

Once you have finished your session, you can safely disconnect from the Teams call.

We have endeavoured to make these instructions as easy as possible to follow, but we appreciate that unfamiliar technology can be stressful. If you have any concerns about these instructions, please reach out to the Production Manager for this event, Alix Curtin via email (alix@streamlab.com.au) or phone (0422834390)

Accessing the Teams Call

The link for the Teams call will be emailed to you by Tiffanie Brown.