AGD/ANU LawTech Seminar Series

We have partnered with the Australian National University’s College of Law (ANU), in association with the Gradient Institute, to deliver a new seminar series on law and artificial intelligence.

The series aims to provide an introduction to legal and technical developments arising from the use of artificial intelligence in government, legal institutions and parts of the private sector of relevance to government entities. Future sessions will focus on machine learning, digital assets, social media and blockchain.

Session 4

This seminar introduces and interrogates the set of complex legal issues which arise in digital economies. Digital assets (including digital currencies, and tokenised equity and debt products) are an increasing part of domestic and international commerce.

Globally, public institutions, like securities regulators and central banks, are updating their practices to govern digital commerce, while all legal actors, in the public and private sector, face difficult choices about how to structure their commercial relationships using digital assets.

The core learning outcome is to understand how major commercial jurisdictions (USA, UK and Europe) are regulating digital assets, and how those assets fit within core common law doctrines of private law.


Dr Jason Allen
ANU Law School (visiting fellow) and Humboldt University, Berlin


Tuesday 23 August 2022


12:30 pm – 2:00 pm AEST


1 point for ‘Substantive Law’

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